The One Choice For Complete Marketing

You’re not seriously considering hiring a freelance graphic designer to create your logo, just to have another guy design your site and have a print company handle your business cards and letterhead. All the while you’re working with the local TV station to produce a commercial and you honestly expect a marketing strategy that’s cohesive with continuity? Of course not! At least if you were, you’re having second thoughts now.

Here at Choice One Marketing we give you the advantage of minimizing the number of moving parts in your marketing engine by handling every area of your marketing strategy. This leaves you free to take on more clients or leave a little room in your schedule for a Friday tee time!

You know your industry. We know marketing!

You may be able to design and build the best widgets on the eastern seaboard or offer better service than any of your competitors, but if you don’t effectively “tell your story” your business could fall flat on it’s face.

That’s what marketing is all about. Getting your message across in a clear and consistent manner to help potential customers and clients grasp the value of working with you.

You know your industry. You know your message. Let us package that message in a way that will yield you more business, more revenue and more smiles on your face.